My Photovoltaic Installation

In September 2011, I came to the conclusion that I was paying far too much money for the electricity that my family is using. Luckily I live in the financial paradise of Belgium (not) and at that time, solar panels were being subsidized by our government.

After digging around on some forums and reading a lot of information on forums, I contacted a local firm to do the installation. This is what they installed.

1 invertor : Sunny Boy 5000TL from SMA Solar Technology
26 photovoltaic modules : P230-3 from Azur
Capacity : 5980Wp

The graphs shows you the electricity production during the past 24 hours. Timestamps are local time in Belgium (CET). The graph is updated every 30 minutes.


This graphs shows you the electricity production during the past year. Unfortunately  I don’t have the exact figures for each day. The horizontal line corresponds to the average gain per day.

Last year electrivity production

Some measurements

When? How much?
Most recent [recent_measurement]DateTime[/recent_measurement] [recent_measurement]CurrentPower[/recent_measurement] Watt
Top [top_measurement]DateTime[/top_measurement] [top_measurement]CurrentPower[/top_measurement] Watt

Some production statistics

Today since midnight [currentday] kWh
Yesterday [yesterday] kWh
Total [recent_measurement]ETotalToday[/recent_measurement] kWh

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